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Hooki Pram Clip Hook Duo Set

Ever find yourself wishing you had an extra pair of hands when you're out and about with your pram? Allow us to introduce you to Hooki. 

Designed in Melbourne, Hooki pram clips are capable of holding 5kg per Hooki - that's the equivalent of 35 potatoes each! Sold as a set of 2 clips, Hookis are perfect for holding your handbag, bub's nappy bag, shopping bags, toys, or any of the 5,672 other things you have to carry as a parent.

Whether you're off on an adventure or simply a trip to the shops (which as any parent knows is also quite the adventure!), just lock and load your Hookis and you'll be asking how you ever lived without them.

The Low Down:

Crafted with premium materials: These sturdy yet lightweight pram clips are made from quality vegan leather with super strong velcro straps that securely fasten in place on any pram handle. The large matte black carabiner clips can handle 5kg with ease. Talk about heavy duty!

Fits any pram: We've tried and tested Hookis on every pram we could get our hands on, and we're happy to report these multifunctional pram clips easily attach to any pram or stroller. 

Multiple colour options: One colour doesn't suit all. That's why Hookis come in a range of colour-ways to match different prams, accessories and tastes.