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Nature Bubz

Mini Basics Dummy Clip


If your bub loves their dummy, chances are they also love dropping it on the floor.

If you're sick and tired of playing pick-up, or having dummies disappear into the ether when you're out-and-about, then you need one of these stylish and practical dummy clips.

These gorgeous dummy clips are newly redesigned by Nature Bubz and are small, flexible and lightweight.

They're made from high-quality silicone beads with beech wood accent beads that have been finished with a handmade blend of Australian certified organic beeswax and olive oil.

Important safety note:

Want to know what's important? Safety. Which is why we only stock brands that adhere to the strictest safety standards.

Nature Bubz dummy chains (soother holders) have been tested and certified to EN12586. As dummy chains are high risk items, compliance to these standards is mandatory.

Please note that dummy chains (also called dummy clips and soother holders) are not toys - they should not be mouthed or chewed by babies are are to be used under adult supervision only.