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Silicone Bowl + Spoon Set

Baby is ready for solids, hooray! This silicone suction bowl and spoon set helps make the transition to eating solids easier for you and baby (and way less messy, too)!

A clever design for cleaner meal times; the bowl has a suction cup base to keep it attached to the table. The bowl's curved top rim helps level the contents of the spoon, reducing yucky spills over the edge! The perfect bowl and spoon for easy self feeding when baby is ready.

Bowl width: 11.5 cm
Bowl height: 8.5 cm
Spoon length: 14cm

Microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Suction will not work on uneven surfaces. The suction base will attach to smooth and flat surfaces. For the strongest suction attachment, slightly dampen the base of the bowl & the flat smooth surface you wish to attach it to, with a damp cloth. Press from the inside of the bowl out to ensure the whole suction base is in contact with the table, without any air pockets.

  • Suitable for babies 3+ months
  • Always use under adult supervision
  • Dispose of packaging thoughtfully before giving this item to children.